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We are a boutique law firm located in downtown Douglasville, specializing in personal injury matters. We take pride in zealously representing clients throughout the state of Georgia, ensuring that we provide the utmost legal care. 

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Having an Experienced Douglasville Lawyer Can Make All the Difference in Your Personal Injury Case

What You Don't Know Can Hurt Your Case

Georgia folks are genuine, hardworking people. When you get injured by no fault of your own, you deserve to receive everything Georgia law allows. Whether you were injured in a car accident, slip and fall, or another personal injury, you should be represented by someone who works and lives locally with you – not a slick-talking TV lawyer in Atlanta.

You need to have an advocate on YOUR side who cares. At The Shelton Law Firm, you are not just "another client." We take the time to personally meet with you and get to know your case's details. We provide you with the exceptional service that you can't get at larger, national law firms because we believe you deserve the highest quality legal care, no matter how large or small your case may be.

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What Makes Us 
the Right Law Firm for You?

We are a local Douglasville, Georgia law firm

If you are hurt in a car accident, visiting a local Douglasville lawyer without making a long drive is so much easier on your injured body. Not to mention your car could be out of service for quite some time. It allows you to stay closely connected to your case and increases your ability to see your car accident attorney on short notice.
We have a strong network in Douglasville, GA
Working locally is a significant advantage for a Douglasville, GA attorney. Local lawyers know the judges, court clerks, prosecutors, and everyone involved in the legal process. People, not machines, resolve legal problems.

The Shelton Law Firm is highly respected and trusted in our community, and we would be proud to represent you locally.
We work with you face to face
Working with a smaller, local car accident law firm can be less intimidating for many clients. Small law firms are often more relaxed and will take more time with each client to explain everything clearly.

Our Clients never have to worry about their case being passed around to other, less-experienced lawyers. At The Shelton Law Firm, you will always have direct access to your Douglasville attorney.

Frequently Asked Questions

How could a Douglasville lawyer help my case?

Our Douglasville lawyer could help you handle your case with an established strategy to help you get the result you're looking for. Every case is unique with different circumstances. An experienced injury attorney at The Shelton Law Firm may give you more specific answers based on the details of your case.

If I think I may have a case, can I speak to a lawyer at Shelton Law Firm?

Our Douglasville car accident lawyer at The Shelton Law Firm would be happy to talk to you about your case. You can schedule a consultation by calling (470) 334-9829 or completing our contact form. We offer free consultations for personal injury and car accident cases.

When should I call a lawyer in Douglasville?

When you are facing a legal matter, it is important to get in contact with an attorney in Douglasville as soon as possible. The statute of limitations sets a deadline for many types of cases in Douglasville, Georgia. An experienced lawyer at The Shelton Law Firm is here to help you decide the next steps to take in your case.

How Much Does a Douglasville Personal Injury Attorney Cost?

Unlike Family Law Attorneys, Personal Injury Lawyers work on accident and injury cases on a contingency basis. This means that they start your case without any upfront fees. They generally charge a percentage of what they win for your case. So, if we don't win, we don't charge any fee at all.

How Can The Shelton Law Firm
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